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Welcome to the Blog!

Hi, my name is Patrick Louie.

I am a pharmacist in study, but a photographer in trade and heart!  I am the husband of my dear wife Michelle (the editor) and the father of two healthy boys (the monsters). 

I blame my wife for pushing me into this profession.  I blame her for forcing me to follow something that releases my passion to be creative.  She is the one to blame when I catch that moment when a tear falls from a bride's eye during an embrace or when the reaction a groom expresses when he sees his bride to be for the first time walking down the isle in her wedding dress.

Thats what my life is.  I love to shoot.  You can blame my wife for pushing me to do this, but you can blame me for loving it! 

Aiza and Lloyd

Trash the Dress 2011

I had the chance to attend another Trash the dress session hosted by Melissa Diep! Thanks again. Events when you actually get to shoot for the fun of it really get my blood pumping and remind me why I love to shoot. Here are a few shots from the day! The rest of the highlights are in the gallery! The group was awesome and some of those brides really trashed that dress!!!














Aiza and LLoyd Engaged

Congrats to Aiza and Lloyd!
It was an amazing day, the wind was blasting, but we managed to stay warm!

The rest of the pics are Here.

Jazmin’s Cotillion!

Kristin and Steve 9/4/10

Kristin and Steve contacted me last winter to take care of their wedding.  I am so glad we did!  We started out in Kristin’s hometown Downer’s Grove and headed up to Oakbrook for the reception.  Here are some pics from the wedding.

With every wedding there is a story, and behind that story is another!  The story behind this one was on a personal note.

The reception was at The Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus @Oakbrook and I’m all ready to shoot the First dance like I’m usually set up to shoot.

The settings on the camera                   — Check

The test shots before the dance           — Check

The lights go down and the band starts up the song.  I start to shoot a little bit as the band sings the first verse or so of the wedding song and then I realized—WOW this is same song as the one from MY wedding!  I move my face slowly from the back of the camera and gasp at the whole scene.

This is the reason I love doing this—  To be part of the wedding experience that brought me and my wife together.

I’ve shot my share of weddings, with and without Live bands and I have never experienced one wedding with our wedding song.  I mean the song is not a very popular one and I didn’t think I would ever have the opportunity to see it in another wedding.

It was such an AWESOME surprise and it totally caught me off guard!!!  After this inspiring moment, I quickly went back to the back of the camera and got some of the best pics of the day!

Kristin and Steven— From the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing that song.  Thank you for bringing those emotions back to me and reminding me why I love this JOB! 🙂

Enjoy the Teaser pics!

Oh yeah… Thanks for the Cheeseburgers too!! 🙂  That hit the spot!

Congrats again!